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Musical Links
Check out some of these great sites on music:
Webdirectory dedicated to brass related resources. Categories covering all the instruments various ensembles people manufacturers etc.
Gary Grant Music
Gary Grant and Friends have recorded a CD that accumulates 25 years of recording experience that emulates jazz, pop and easy listening that is refreshing and interesting. Gary's playing expertise and sense of melodic growth, is enriched by L.A.'s top recording artist's.
Tom Wirtel
University of Illinois Jazz division head.   Find information about their band, jazz auditions, and more!
Herb Alpert & Tijuana Brass Fan Club
Home page of the Herb Alpert Tijuana Brass Fan Club, dedicated to the Old Defunct Fan Club.
Mark Minasian
Assistant Professor of Music at Leeward Community College and serving as a trumpet instructor for the Punahou School.  He regularly performs with the Windward Brass Quintet, serves as Assistant Conductor, arranger and Principal Cornet for the Honolulu Community Concert Band and works as a free lance arranger and trumpet player throughout the Hawaiian islands.
The Trumpet Index
Kurt and Carolyn Schulenburg have created a collection of pages. You can find information about trumpet playing (and a bunch of sound files from trumpeters from around the world!), some Original Desktop Art--digital creations put together by both Carolyn and Kurt for use as Desktop backgrounds or in your screensaver.
The Eric Bolvin Group
The Eric Bolvin Group has been a force on the Bay Area scene for many years. The quintet uses a broad range of influences, from bebop to funk. With the release of our CD, we have been performing regularly in the San Francisco Bay Area.  Visit their site to hear some of their music.
Curry Precision Mouthpieces
Mouthpieces for all Brass, Sound Sleeves, CCAPS.
The Brass Bow
The Brass Bow Music Co noted throughout the country for its knowledgeable musical instrument repair technicians.  Combining state-of-the-art equipment with old world craftsmanship assures customers their instrument are cared for by technicians " Dedicated to the Art of Music.
Trumpet Players' International Network
TPIN is a mailing list, discussing trumpet-related stuff.  You may also view this information via web pages.
The Natural Trumpet Resource Web Site
The purpose of this site is to compile a list of resources for those interested in the natural trumpet from among many scattered web sites.
Brass Tactics
Operated by Canadian trumpet player Chase Sanborn. Find information about books, recordings, mouthpieces, lessons, clinics and other products of interest to brass players.
B-Flat Musical Production
Trumpet Music and pedagogy recordings for trumpet players. Clyde Hunt - Jazz and classical - how to play the trumpet - play-alongs
Bill Knevitt's Trumpet Page
Teacher, Author, Clinician and Trumpet Soloist.  Professional players have come to him from many parts of the country to study the "Ultra-Trumpet Practice System," which he compiled and teaches.
Tiger Lewis
Find Tiger's three sites:  Grand Central Station is devoted to trumpet playing;  Tiger Music is where you can find his books and music; and The Tom Borling BeBop Band.
Amis Musical Circle
Amis Musical Circle is a classical music publishing company offering the arrangements, transcriptions and compositions of Kenneth Amis, tuba player of the world renowned Empire Brass. We publish music for brass, woodwinds, strings, mixed chamber groups and large ensembles.
Clint "Pops" McLaughlin
From his hometown Dallas, Texas, he gives private lessons and consultation on embouchure development and trumpet playing. 'Pops' is also an expert on trumpet design and trumpet mouthpieces. He has written 4 books and one booklet.
Terry Winter Owens
Terry Winter Owens is an internationally published composer and pianist based in New York City. Her music has been described as '... hauntingly beautiful ... with a magnetic quality which draws both performer and audience into a different world.' 
Don "Jake"
publisher of "Jake's Method", by Don "Jake" Jacoby
Ray Lynch
Ray Lynch is the composer of the platinum album, Deep 
Breakfast. He is a three-time Billboard Award winner, and has six albums altogether.
Hearts of Space
A record company AND a radio syndicator. The texture of Hearts of Space music shared much with the long-familiar European repertoire: both contain emotionally centered music which offers respite from the frenetic, noisy environment which surrounds us.
Meadow Media

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