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Brass Quintet Music As founder of Boston Brass in 1986, I soon arranged numerous important works for the group to perform.   Many of these were featured on the quintet's first five recordings.  By choosing music that had, in most every case, never before been arranged for a brass quintet, the way was now shown for developing our unique, individual sound and musical approach.
Without having such custom arrangements, it is difficult for an ensemble like this to distinguish itself from other such groups.
To this day, audiences are still being delighted by some of the best of these:  CASA LOMA STOMP, by Gene Gifford, one of the hottest, most flamboyant "barnburners" from the early 1930's big band era, has proved itself countless times to be a constant favorite with audiences; and TOURNAMENT GALOP, A 19th century tour de force by the American composer and piano virtuoso, Louis Moreau Gottschalk, is almost impossible to surpass as a show-stopping opener.
For information on purchasing these arrangements and hearing samples of some of them, please go to the ARRANGEMENTS section.
Between the publication of music for brass quintet and the recordings I participated in with Boston Brass, there have been several reviews of these arrangements.  To read some of these please go to the REVIEWS section.
For a brief history of my old quintet, through words and photos, please click on QUINTET HISTORY.
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