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The library currently consists of over 40 arrangements, and of these, 14 are now available.  The others are being prepared and will be added to from time to time. The instrumentation is for two trumpets, French horn, trombone and tuba.

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Those with a link have a sound clip [indicated with a **], so you can get a good idea of what they are like.  Music files are MP3.
1. LEYENDA (Albeniz) [fiery Spanish]...$20.00
2. IN THE STEPPES OF CENTRAL ASIA** (Borodin) [uniquely lush]...$25.00
3. SALUT D'AMOUR (Elgar) [georgeous]...$18.00

4. TOURNAMENT GALOP (Louis M. Gottschalk) [double-tongue fancy-footwork]...$20.00

5. ETERNAL SOURCE OF LIGHT DIVINE  (Handel)[heavenly]...$15.00

6. CONCERTO IN D MAJOR (Jacques Loeillet)[piccolo trpt. feature, exuberant!!]...$25.00

7. NESSUN DORMA** (Puccini) [Horn feature]...$18.00

8. TWO BAROQUE GEMS (Purcell & Voelckel)[delightful discovery]...$18.00 "Fairest Isle"** (Purcell)      "Two Courants"** (Voelckel)

9. SUITE FROM "THE GARDEN OF LOVE"** (Allesandro Scarlatti) This is in three movements. [superb feature for picc. trpt. and Horn]...$20.00

10. SIR PATRICK SPENS (Robert Pearsall) [this is for QUINTET AND ORGAN]...$20.00

The newest ones are these:
11. SONATA IN D (Petronio Franceschini).$20.00
12. PRESTO (Willem de Fesch). . . . . .$18.00
13. NEW ORLEANS (Hoagy Carmichael). . . $20.00
14. NUTCRACKER SUITE (Tchaikovsky). . . $30.00
The deFesch PRESTO (calling for Bb trumpets) is mildly similar to the Martini "Tocatta", lots of flowing 16th notes.
The Franceschini SONATA IN D (if you don't know it, you're missing a real treat--it's a masterpiece!) calls for both trumpets to use A-picc's, in some of the finest "equal writing" ever for two trumpets. The trumpet parts, though scored in Concert pitch for C-trumpets, work best if played on A-piccolo trumpets.
The Carmichael NEW ORLEANS is a bluesy, early 1930s ballad based on a recording from that same time by the Casa Loma Orchestra--and it has the vocal line if you have a singer!
BK Brass
Bonnie Kline, the person who's been doing all the Finale work for me, has also done several fine quintet arrangements.
KOMM SUSSER TODD (J.S. Bach) a glorious chorale. . . .$7.00
CONCERTO IN D (G.P. Telemann)mvts. I and IV--yes, it's the "famous" concerto, lowered to Bb, much in the same manner as Dave Hickmann did with the Albinoni "St. Marc". . . .$9.00
SUSSEX MUMMERS CHRISTMAS CAROL, based on a Percy Grainger harmonization; very neat touch at Christmas. . .$7.00
TRIO SONATA (J.J. Quantz)--mvts. I and II; a real gem, very well-suited to brass. . .$9.00
AIR from "The Third Suite" (J.S. Bach) the so-called "Air On the G-String"; there are none more glorious!. . .$8.00
ADAGIO and ALLEGRO (G.F. Handel) beautiful and virtuosic. . .$10.00
And lastly, an item which I decided to let the arranger sell directly herself, handling all the promotional "work".  It's a doozie--actually, a "dizzy".  It's that wacky-flashy and totally fun...
"DIZZY FINGERS" (Zez Confrey), at $10.00
Shipping rates are in US Dollars, as follows:
INSIDE the USA----1 to 4 titles add $4.00....5 to 8 titles add $8.00....9 to 12 titles add $12.00
OUTSIDE the USA----1 to 4 titles add $7.00....5 to 8 titles add $11.00....9 to 12 titles add $15.00
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Besides these arrangements there are many other that are being prepared for publication.  Several of them were included in the first five recordings done by Boston Brass.
To see a history of the original artwork of these recordings, follow this link to CDs
The International Trumpet Guild (ITG) Journal has written reviews over the past several years, pertaining to these recordings as well to these arrangements.  To read these reviews, follow this link to MUSIC REVIEWS.  You will also find some quotes from concert reviews that featured these arrangements.
For information on new and "coming-soon" arrangements CONTACT ME.

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